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Amibrocker Setup

This nimbleDataProPlus version is intended to interact with AmiBroker for DBC Signal. To setup AmiBroker properly, follow steps as given below:

1. If you're going to use nimbledataProPlus instead resembling product (such as MetaServer RT, Dynaloader etc.) or if you have eSignal installed, uninstall all such application before installing f nimbleDataProPlus and AmiBroker.

2. Install AmiBroker first and then nimbleDataProPlus.

3. In AmiBroker, select File>>New>>Database and enter settings as shown below and hit OK.

4.Click now on Configure Button and setup the DataFeed.

5.Click on OK. Then click on 'Intraday Settings' button and configure as shown in the screenshot below.

6. Navigate now in menu Tools>>Preferences>>Intraday Tab and make ‘Realtime Chart Refresh Interval’ as 0 or 1. AmiBroker installation / setup completes here.

7. Install nimbleDataProPlus. While installing,select AmiBroker as the target platform and select its base directory (‘C:\Program Files\AmiBroker’ if installed at default location). Finish installation normally.

8. When you start AmiBroker, it will display login dialogue box to our data servers, as shown below. Login using the user id / password received from us.

8. Once successfully logged in, select Symbol>>New as shown below and enter the symbol names, separated by comma. You can download readymade symbol lists from our Download Section. To know the symbol naming conventions, please Click Here.

9. Click on the Symbol names in the Symbols Window on the left and their charts will be displayed as shown below.

To quickly start downloading of realtime data for all existing symbols OR to backfill them in one stroke, go to Analysis>>Automatic Analysis and Scan all symbols for any trading strategy. In realtime market hours, you can keep 'wait for backfill' checked and also check 'run every' and enter the desired time period so that AmiBroker keeps scanning selected symbols as per your scanning cycle for your selected trading strategy.

Disclaimer :

1. Although our datafeed is compatible with AmiBroker, we are not the charting platform suggested data vendor. If you are looking for officially supported data vendor, please contact directly.