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Ensign For Windows Setup

This nimbleDataProPlus version is intended to interact with Ensign for DBC Signal. To setup Ensign properly, follow steps as given below:

1. If you're going to use the nimbleDataProPlus instead resembling product (such as MetaServer RT, Dynaloader etc.), or if you have eSignal installed, uninstall all such applications before installing nimbleDataProPlus and Ensign for Windows.

2. Install 'Ensign for Windows' first. Then install nimbleDataProPlus. While installing nimbleDataProPlus,select Ensign as the target platform and select its base directory (C:\ENSIGN\ if installed at default location). Finish installation normally.

3. Make sure your Ensign is installed for eSignal real-time vendor. Start Ensign.

4. Select Set-up>>Connection and do the settings as shown below.

  • Data Source "eSignal".
  • Servers "Manager, Tick, History and Foreign".

5. On clicking OK, a dialogue box to login to our servers will pop up - as shown below. Enter your user id / password and login to our servers.

6. Navigate now in menu Setup/Symbol Properties to add a Symbol and its timings.

The Symbol Properties should be configured as the image below (when is required):

Create a new chart:

7. Add new symbol from Charts Button on Toolbar, as shown below and open its chart.

  • Click on to Chart Button.
  • You can select the existing symbol or add a new Symbol. To download readymade symbols lists, please Click Here. To know the symbol naming conventions, please Click Here.
  • Select now the Periodicity as 1 min and click to "Add" / "Open"

7. It will then open the chart of the Symbol as shown below.

Insert a symbol in Quote window:
You can display the live quotes on Quote Window - as shown below.


Ensign does not support back-adjusted Futures terminology. Hence to see current month Futures of underlying Nifty for say Oct 2011, you should enter NIFTY11OCTFUT and not NIFTY-I.