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Metastock Setup

This nimbleDataProPlus version is intended to interact with Equis MetaStock Professional 7.2, 8.x, 9.x, 10x and 11x for DBC Signal. To setup MetaStock Professional properly, follow steps as given below:

1. If you're going to use nimbledataProPlus instead resembling product (such as MetaServer RT, Dynaloader etc.) or if you have eSignal installed, uninstall all such application before installing nimbleDataProPlus and MetaStock Professional.

2. Install MetaStock Professional first. Then install nimbleDataProPlus.

3. Make sure your MetaStock software is installed for eSignal real-time vendor during installation - as shown below.

4. After installation, run Equis Real-Time Configuration item from Equis International program group. Click on Data Options Tab and ensure that Replace vendor-supplied time with computer system time and Adjust data record time (hours) checkboxes are unchecked - as shown below.

5. Click on File Updates Tab of Equis Real-Time Configuration application. Here you have to delete all listed folders and make it blank.

6. Install nimbleDataProPlus.

7. Start nimbleDataProPlus from desktop shortcut and login using the user id / password received from us - as shown below.

8. Start MetaStock and select File>>New Chart as shown below.

9. To get EOD (daily) history, we need to set option “Prompt for dates when chart is opened” from Options as shown below:

After click on Load Option, we get below small window & need to select 2nd option “Prompt for dates when chart is opened” as shown & click on OK.

10. Select eSignal folder on left and choose ‘New Symbol’ from Tools. Then choose existing symbol / create new symbol (as shown below), select periodicity and click Open.

Important : If you don't see eSignal folder on left bottom as shown in this image then it means that you have not installed MetaStock with 'eSignal' as your data vendor. You will need to install MetaStock again and this time during installation, choose 'eSignal' as your data vendor - as shown in screenshot above.

11. Enter the symbol name and Start / End time and click OK. You can download readymade symbol lists from our Download Section. To know the symbol naming conventions, please Click Here.If your system time has set as 24 hours then you need to set Start time 00:00 & End time 23:59 otherwise you will need to set Start time as 12:00 AM & End time 12:00 AM.

Now onwards whenever you add any new symbol using above steps you will get one new window like this :

Here you need to select First Date as 01/05/2005 & Last Date will set automatically as per current date so that you will get EOD (daily) data from 01/05/2005 for F&O segment.

12. After click on OK button, it will then load the chart of the symbol as shown below.

13. Once the chart gets displayed, need to set realtime chart properties from Menu Tools >> Options >> Select tab Realtime as shown below:

How to view existing charts during non-market hours (without connecting to internet) :

1. Start MetaStock in Offline Mode from Start Menu>>Equis International group.

2. In menu File>>Open Chart, select ‘Local Data’ tab on left and navigate to ‘C:\MetaStock Data\DataOnDemand Cache’ directory. Select the name of the symbol whose chart you wish to open offline and click on Open, as shown below :

3. It will then open chart of the selected symbol from local memory, as shown below.

Notes :

The data contains entire NSE Futures and Options Segment. However since none of MetaStock versions (from 7.2 upto 11) supports symbol names of more than 14 characters, you will need to use Dictionary feature to see realtime data of symbols having length of more than 14 characters.

It is observed that MetaStock respects local data storage only when chart timeframe is 1 minute. If you open any chart in any timeframe other than 1 minute, MetaStock requests entire data from our servers. So users are expected to open charts in 1 minute timeframe ONLY, so that it downloads only incremental data from our servers - thus reducing the time / bandwidth required to load the charts. Once chart is opened, you can change the timeframe to desired timeframe as per your requirements.

Disclaimer :

1. MetaStock Professional is a registered trademark of Equis International. We are neither associated with Equis International (or with any of its subsidiaries or parent company) nor we sell this product. For more information about this product as well as for purchasing, you will need to contact the developer directly at the 'Link' given below.

2. Although our datafeed is compatible with MetaStock Professional, we are not the charting platform suggested data vendor. If you are looking for officially supported data vendor, please contact the developer directly.